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At Blikka, we want to help you redefine the limits and future of biomedicine. Either if you are looking to monitor therapeutic antibodies, develop tailored oncology treatments, discover new biomarkers, or develop new drugs, we’ll make sure our portfolio of proteomics and glycomics enzymes becomes your ally to achieve accurate results for your analytical challenges.


Trypsin Clear™

Mass Spectrometry Grade

Trypsin Clear ™ has been carefully developed to provide you highly specific digestion for clear protein identification in your protein analysis. This pure and stable enzyme demonstrates cleaner spectrums by avoiding unwanted peptide fragments and minimizing background noise. 

Trypsin Clear™ has been treated with TPCK to yield a superior specificity by inactivating any remaining chymotryptic activity, and its lysine residues were chemically modified to make it exceptionally resistant to autolytic digestion and enhance its stability. These features added to its high purification process produce cleaner spectrums and clearer results: clear from spectrum-noise, clear from non-specific activity, and clear from autodigestion.

Applications: protein analysis, protein identification, protein  quantification, protein characterization, bottom-up proteomics, shotgun proteomics


PNGase F Glycerol Free

PNGase F is a recombinant endoglycosidase that provides effective removal of almost all N-linked oligosaccharides from glycoproteins. Manufactured to yield a highly purified and specific enzyme.

PNGase F deglycosylate glycoproteins by cleaving between the innermost GlcNAc and asparagine of high mannose, hybrid and complex oligosaccharides with high efficiency. It has been cloned from Elizabethkingia mirícola and expressed in E.coli.

PNGase F comes free from stabilizers and suitable for glycoproteomics and glycobiology workflows. 

Applications: Therapeutic Glycoprotein analysis, Monoclonal Antibodies analysis and characterization, Glycan analysis and structure characterization, N-glycan composition profiling, protein trafficking.

⍺-1,2 Fucosidase

⍺-1,2 Fucosidase is a highly specific exoglycosidase that releases the ⍺-1,2 fucose residues from glycans by cleaving the ⍺-1,2 fucosidase bond. Stored in glycerol for maximum activity and stability. ⍺-1,2 Fucosidase is a highly purified recombinant enzyme suitable for your glycoprotein or glycobiology workflows.

Are you working on Glycomics? 

Blikka is developing a new line of Glycosidases for your glycan analysis. We have O-glycosidases, Neuraminidases (Sialidases) and Fucosidases for you to try.


At Kura Biotech, our dedication is grounded in the strong belief and conviction that we can generate a positive impact in the World, by helping laboratories with their most complex challenges, and by providing scientists with the fastest and the highest performing enzymes for sample preparation.

After developing revolutionary solutions in toxicology through our Finden brand, we are now expanding our expertise to the genetics and proteomics industry with two new brands: Avenire and Blikka.

We thrive to face challenges through our four core commitments: human connections, unlimited spirit, unapologetic standards, and give back will.